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Fairway Fasteners Nuts Bolts Washers Fastener Supplier of Machine Screws Fasteners Distributor.

Machine screws

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HEX Nuts


We carry heavy hex nuts, finished hex nuts, and jam nuts in all sizes and grades.

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We offer self-tapping screws with a variety of drives and head styles.

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Good quality fasteners such as machine screws, bolts, nuts and washers are the cornerstone of manufacturing. We are a master distributor of threaded products with over a dozen different options for head styles (hex, round, button, oval, flat, pan, truss, among others) and sizes ranging in diameter from miniature to over three inches and lengths from fractions of an inch to over six inches. Our fasteners are as versatile as they are essential. Choose any drive such as Phillips, slotted, combo, socket, and six-lobe and any material such as Grade 2 fasteners, Grade 5 fasteners or Grade 8 fasteners steel, 18-8 stainless steel fasteners, 316 stainless steel fasteners, and 410 stainless steel fasteners. We offer any plating such as zinc, black oxide or cadmium. We stock millions of fasteners so we're always ready to ship.


We stock a wide array of machine screws in varying sizes, head styles, drives, and materials. As a B2B distributor we strive to provide the biggest bulk discounts to all our OEM customers, especially when it comes to machine screws. We offer bulk discounts on machine screws to OEM's because we are a dedicated, family-owned nationwide fastener supplier. Since 1985, Fairway Fasteners, Inc. has exceeded client’s expectations by providing quality products, on-time delivery and customer service at a competitive price. As a top quality machine screw supplier, we are also a leading machine screw distributer. Fairway Fasteners offers a variety of industrial screws and commercial screws, nuts, and bolts at local, state, national and international venues. Customer service with total satisfaction is the cornerstone of present and future growth for Fairway Fasteners, Inc.